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Computer Tune-up Data Backup or Transfer Data Recovery
We will install antivirus and antispyware software.

Perform system updates and improve PC speed and performance, Windows updates.Removal of unwanted programs and trialware Test and verify hardware and software functionality
We will transfer all your data from your old computer to your new computer.We will make a backup of your data on DVD (up to 9.4Gb)We will make a backup of your data to an external hard drive or other media.We will install the softare that came with your external hard drive to automate future back-ups Data recovery is tricky business, based on your individual recovery needs and the state of your data and device, prices may vary.Diagnostic fee included in the total cost Recover deleted files from a drive that is in good working order Drives that require advanced recovery methods or a custom recovery solution such as a formatted or failing drive Drives that are physically damaged or require extreme recovery procedures
$49.95  $99.95  From $249.95
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